Lesson No. 27: Practice what you preach.

The Queen of Hearts: The Confessions of An ‘Accidental’ Leader

The Beauty Of Failure

I didn’t purpose to be in the space that I find myself in – Founder & CEO, Passionate Entrepreneur, EQ Fanatic and OWIT Nairobi President.  God plucked me from the path that I had set out for myself & set me on an alternative journey. At the start it all appeared somewhat ‘accidental’ but I know now that it was no accident, rather His design, His purpose for my life…

So now that I am here, these are my confessions…the lessons I am learning about being a woman in business, building an empire, one brick at a time…

Your daily words & behaviour reinforce or damage your brand

~ Mariela Dabbah

A few months ago, I was conducting some training for a client in Mombasa. During one of the sessions we were talking about developing a personal brand. 

Your brand is how others see you and it is determined primarily by your behaviour…

We worked on a particular exercise where I challenged each delegate to list the top three words they would wish to be used to describe them. Hardworking, professional, intelligent, kind, compassionate were just some of the responses I received.  I chose ethical.

A few hours later, I was at the airport, waiting for my flight back to Nairobi. Whilst waiting I decided to get a cup of tea from the café.

“How much is a cup of tea?” I asked. “Oh it’s free,” came the response.  “Kenya Airways is providing free tea & a muffin for all passengers on the delayed flight to Nairobi”

“I am not on that flight,” I replied.  “I am on the later flight.  As far as I know, it has not been delayed.” And so I paid kshs 100 for my cup of tea.

As I walked away, my mind flashed back to the class just hours earlier.  I hadn’t thought much about it when I responded to the cashier but I think my students would be happy to know that I am endeavouring to practice what I preach.  100 shillings may not seem like much. But I had a smile on my face as I drank my tea & waited for my flight.

Lesson learned – practice what you preach.  Even if no one is watching.

I have learned that effective personal branding has everything to do with looking within. It also has everything to do with being authentic – being you, regardless of who is watching.  Personal branding then, has everything to do with Emotional Intelligence

With Love,

The Queen Of Hearts

Mucha Mlingo

| Six Seconds EQ Practitioner | Master Trainer & Facilitator |

| Award Winning International Keynote Speaker |

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