Certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner | Founder, Premier Training Services Ltd | OWIT President

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Mucha Mlingo applies world class EQ tools and methodologies to provide high-impact learning & development programs. I’m a Certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner & based on this knowledge, I have developed a 3-step learning model that utilises the Six Seconds learning methodology & EQ tools and drives impact by increasing training transfer.

These skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life. I’m passionate about leveraging EQ to drive change in organisations, schools & communities.


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Organizations spend a significant amount of time and money on training to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of their employees. Unfortunately, research shows that only 20 per cent of learning is applied back in the workplace.

As an individual passionate about #DrivingImpact, I focus on utilising EQ tools to drive organisation performance through training, writing, coaching, & public speaking.


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Emotions drive people. People drive performance