Lesson No 49: Emotional Wellbeing In Times Of Crisis

I didn’t purpose to be in the space that I find myself in.  God plucked me from the path that I had set out for myself & set me on an alternative journey. At the start it all appeared somewhat ‘accidental’ but I know now that it was no accident, rather His design, His purpose for my life… 

So now that I am here, these are my confessions…the lessons I am learning about being a woman in business, building an empire, one brick at a time… 

“Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to our eyes. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become.”  

Brooke Foss Westcott

There is an amazing feeling that you get when you set a goal for yourself & achieve it – I am feeling PUMPED as I write this article today.  

Hosted the first of a series of FREE webinars – EQ In Stress, where will explore how to utilise EQ as a tool to navigate this season of heightened stress & anxiety. 

As feelings of stress & uncertainty escalate, it’s time for more Emotional Intelligence.  

The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted people in varying ways on an international scale. It is understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed by the constantly changing alerts and media coverage regarding the spread of the virus. 

In this period of uncertainty, many of us are experiencing heightened levels of stress. 

While you may see stress as a problem, it’s also an important tool if you pay attention to the signs! The emotions of stress are informative. Stress is like a warning light on your car – it tells you something is at risk. Often it is a warning sign that we have stopped paying attention to who we really are. 

Learning to listen to the messages behind our emotions will help us learn more about our environment as well as ourselves.  

Remember, emotions aren’t good obad, they just are 

Emotions that provide us with unpleasant feelings have unfairly been labelled “bad” which makes us want to avoid them, force them away, or silence them as soon as they emerge. 

But emotions are tools. Emotions are DATA, a message from you to you – giving you INSIGHT. 

They let you know where you are in your life and if you need to make changes. They are the body’s way of letting you know that you need to find time for yourself. Time to tune into what you are feeling. 

Ask yourself – if this emotion that I am feeling was a friend, giving me insight or advice, what would it be trying to say to me? 

While the COVID-19 pandemic threat is real, allowing our emotions to run riot will make the situation even worse.  

To find balance in this time of crisis, we’ll need Emotional Intelligence – being more aware, more intentional & more purposeful. 

Stay Safe. With Love, 
The Queen Of Hearts 
Mucha Mlingo 
| Six Seconds EQ Practitioner | Master Trainer & Facilitator | 
| Award Winning International Keynote Speaker | 

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